Vision Support (120 ct)

Vision Support  (120 ct)
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The visual system is a complex system that depends upon various nutrients and cofactors to support the numerous biochemical and physiological processes needed for healthy vision. The eyes are consistently exposed to oxygen and light. This exposure can lead to an increase in free radical damage. Our Vision Support formula provides antioxidant vitamins, minerals, and botanical extracts to help combat free radical damage and help support healthy vision. Beta-carotene, despite being an antioxidant, is also a precursor to vitamin A which is the most important nutrient for the processes involved in the visual cycle. Zinc and selenium are critical nutrient antioxidants, and vitamin C help neutralize free radicals that may cause oxidative damage to the eyes. LuteMax® lutein which also contains zeaxanthin helps filter damaging blue light before it gets to the macula portion of the retina. Macular degeneration is a leading cause of age-related blindness. This comprehensive eye formula is a great way to protect your vision.


Provides vitamins, minerals, and botanical extracts to help fight free radical damage and support healthy vision. Contains eyebright, Lycopene, bilberry and more. (120 caps)

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