Sleep Tight Plus Valerian Extract - Currently Out of Stock

Sleep Tight Plus Valerian Extract - Currently Out of Stock
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If you have difficulty falling asleep at night and would like a natural way to achieve this without the use of drugs, you need look no further. Our Sleep Tight formula contains a variety of herbs that are mildly sedative without the unwelcome side effects of drugs. In addition, many of these herbs help to ease muscle cramps and nervous tension. The main herb in Sleep Tight is a 4 to 1 extract of Valerian. Because of the additional strength of Valerian extract, this formula is even more effective for restful sleep. Ingredients: Valerian Root Extract, Catnip Leaf, Lavender Blossom, Chamomile Blossom, Scullcap Aerial Parts, Passion Flower Blossom, Hops Blossom in Vegetable Capsules (120 caps/425 mg)

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