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This "super fruit" from South America is useful for detoxing, boosting energy, losing we..
Alfalfa is a natural diuretic, detoxifier and tonic. Contains lots of nutrients and vitamins, includ..
Aloe Vera
Aloe used externally is wonderful for minor burns, cuts, infections and more. Internally it can be u..
Astragalus Root
Supports the immune system, aids the adrenal function, and increases the metabolism. (100 caps/470&n..
Beet Root
Cleanses and purifies the blood, improves circulation. (100 caps/500 mg) ..
Bilberry Extract Plus
Recommended for improving vision problems such as night blindness, cataracts, and macular degenerati..
Black Cohosh
Balances the female system, contains natural estrogen; helps control blood pressure. (120 caps/40 mg..
Black Walnut Hulls
Powerful astringent and anti-fungal herb. (100 caps/500 mg) ..
Boswellia Extract
Boswellia Extract helps fight the pain associated with inflammation and swelling.  It's natural..
Butcher's Broom
Most often used for circulatory problems, including varicose veins, hemorrhoids, phlebitis, gout, an..
Cat's Claw (100 capsules)
Immune builder, helps digestive problems. (100 caps/500 mg)   ..
Cayenne cleans the circulatory system so it is useful for treating high blood pressure, poor circula..
Helps maintain/control blood sugar. (60 caps/250 mg) ..
Concentrated Cranberry
Helps urinary tract/bladder infections. Acidifies the urine and prevents bacteria from adhering to t..
Devil's Claw
Anti-inflammatory, relieves symptoms of arthritis. (100 caps/500 mg)   ..
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